While many people enjoy going camping they do not necessarily have the best time doing so and yet while there is plenty of information available online about camping tips, many do not directly affect how to have more fun while camping. We have taken the time to provide you with some tips that will guarantee your next camping adventure is an experience you will not forget and will have a great time outdoors.

One of the simplest items to pack is a Ziploc bag filled with dryer lint of similar fluff as there is literally nothing better for starting a fire and the Ziplock bag means it stays nice and dry for when you need it. Dryer lint holds a spark and will get your fire roaring in no time at all and best of all it’s very efficient as it practically takes up no space in your gear and is incredibly light weight.

If you are going outdoors camping, it is recommended to be prepared and pack a snake bite kit or a first aid kit in with your gear. Some of the best snake bite kits are the ones that use suction and many kits have scalpels and blood flow constrictors included. The idea is that the scalpels can actually cut the poison into the bloodstream faster, while constrictors must be used correctly as they can be deadly if not. Our recommendation is to simply be aware of your surroundings and avoid snakes where possible and only perform first aid on yourself or others if you have been certified and trained to do so.

We have all been in that situation where we have forgotten something and gotten to the campsite to find out that we left something behind and then the panic or irritation can settle in. Well the answer to this is simple, before you leave take a moment to create a checklist of everything that you need and check them off as you pack them. Just because you are camping does not mean you cannot be comfortable right? We all know that there is not much worse than getting to your campsite and then realising that you forgot to bring what you needed. So just prepare a checklist and save yourself a lot of heartache and spend more time enjoying your outdoor adventure. Even better is to pack everything together a few days before setting off on your journey and that way you will have plenty of time to remember everything you need.

If you plan to have a fire at your campsite for warmth, light, cooking or just enjoying with friends in the evening, then you may be surprised to know that not every campsite will have wood available for you to use in your campfire. While many people assume that they can find more wood that you need to start and keep a campfire burning, the sad reality is that there are factors that may cause that not to be the case. Wet wood for example does not catch alight or burn easily, or maybe your campsite may not have any available firewood around. So the solution is to pack some firewood with you, that way you can make sure it’s dry and will get you going until you can supplement with more from your campsite and remember to store your wood in a dry spot.

One of the most common concerns that people have when outdoors and camping for a few days or longer is that they will get dirty and also that most of the items bought along will also get dirty, this is normal and nothing to stress about. Just remember that being outdoors has that effect and allow yourself to relax, get a little messy and enjoy yourself. Once you get back home you can shower and clean up your possessions, until then just embrace the experience. Its also great to pack some Wet Wipes to allow for quick cleanups for extended stays and always bring some extra water for cleaning.

Make sure you have included any medications or special food to meet everyone’s dietary requirements as it is no fun cutting your trip short due to someone not being able to enjoy themselves due to missing medications or limited food options, camping is more fun when you are feeling relaxed in your environment. It is not so relaxing to be in the middle of the woods and knowing that you have issues to contend with that do not include the fun things like hiking, fishing and swimming. Spend the time consulting with everyone before you set off and make a comprehensive list of everything you might need during your camping trip and be sure to allow for extra food and water, just incase.

These are some tips that we follow and allows for us to enjoy ourselves and get the best experience ev
ery time we go camping. Be sure to make sure that you make your camping trips a lasting experience as there is little else that compares to getting out and spending time in nature and remember that for children that it’s a once in a lifetime experience these days with the amount of distractions that life offers, and if you all enjoy it then do it again.

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