While off roading or 4x4ing can be a great pastime and is enjoyed by many avid outdoor enthusiasts, it has become more common for adventures to continue into the night. Night driving on a trail at night offers its own unique experiences and challenges. With reduced vision at night with factory headlights, there is always the concern for damage to the vehicle or potential for worse.

It is imperative to light up the road with as bright as possible to allow for drivers to see what is ahead and improve the safety of off road adventuring. The key to a great night 4×4 driving session is to have great visibility and that is generally not possible with the factory lighting options. Of course by adding extra lights and light bars to a 4×4 vehicle will generally improve the appearance and is a very common customisation that has a purpose to service too.

While selecting the right LED Light Bar may initially seem a daunting task and at times the choices can be overwhelming, there are some tips to keep in mind and make sure you select the right options for your vehicle.

First you have to work out the application and what you want from your LED Light Bar after installation. The most common option for off roaders and 4×4 enthusiasts is the combination Light Bars, they are made up with a combination of both spotlights and floodlights. The main purpose for this option is that when 4x4ing it is very important to illuminate both sides of the trail, as well as the trail in front, this allows the best defense against obstacles that otherwise may have been missed. As many off roaders are aware most trails are not well maintained and the best ones have some extreme obstructions such as rocks and fallen trees, this is great fun but can also be a lot of trouble if not made visible with adequate lighting.

Next thing that must be considered is where you plan to mount or install the LED Light Bar or Bars, this will determine the right size to suit the intended vehicle. Many Light Bars are installed on the front bar or roof racks as both allow minimal obstruction for the light beam and also offer great protection for the installed LED Light Bar. Equally important is to confirm that the included brackets are able to be used for the intended installation, the Illuminator LED Light Bar range have a pair of adjustable mounting brackets to suit almost any installation type.

It is important to remember that trails are not the same as the smooth pavement that most vehicles travel on and for that reason LED Light Bars have to be very durable. They must be rated to handle the exposure and elements the vehicle will be used in, this includes water proof design that allows for mud, river crossings and heavy rain. Also important is how the LED Light Bar can handle the constant vibrations of off road driving on trails, all the Illuminator LED Light Bar range have been put through vigourous testing and are rated to stand up to the harsh conditions of off roading.

One of the other more obvious considerations when selecting a LED Light Bar is the brightness and the Lumens that it is capable of, remembering to be mindful that the greater the brightness and the higher the Lumens means the great the amp draw from the vehicle’s electrical system. So selecting the right lighting option that has the brightness required has to be matched with the vehicle’s battery draw and in some cases may require a dual battery setup if the LED Light Bars are required to be ran for extended periods.

LED Light Bars are available in varying sizes and at 4×4 SupaStore we supply from 6” to 42”, with the most popular being our 22” LED Light Bar that is suitable for most applications, they are all able to be purchased with the optional wiring harness for a quick and seamless installation. Still not sure, then get in touch with our friendly team and we will help you select the right option for your vehicle.